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Wherever Work Happens, That's Where We'll Be

Our business is focused on the needs of people at work, wherever they work. From offices small and large and from the factory floor all the way to the executive suite, our solutions meet the needs of almost any workplace.


Engagement, Collaboration, Well-Being, and Productivity

A Detailed Look at the 4 Pillars of WORKPLACE VITALITY™

Sustainability Review - MARS DRINKS Towards 2020

Our progress against our 2010–2015 sustainability targets provide a solid foundation for us to build on. Our 2016–2020 Sustainability Strategy is rooted in our 100% dedication to the workplace and
recognizes that a commitment to sustainability is an important part of meeting workplace needs. Our aim is to be the most sustainable workplace drinks solutions.

Workplace Vitality™ - A Global Phenomenon Revealed

This state is WORKPLACE VITALITY™, or “an environment that is vibrant, thriving, and alive with potential based on effective Collaboration, Engagement, Well-Being, and Productivity."