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Refer a Friend FAQs

  • Am I eligible for refer a friend?
    Yes, all Mars Drinks customers are eligible for our Refer a Friend Scheme. All we need is your account number, post code and contact details to ensure that your chocolate reaches you safely.
  • Can I refer more than one friend?
    Yes, there is no limit to the number of friends that you refer through the Mars Drinks Refer a Friend Scheme. Please note that we are only able to issue one reward per organisation recommended to us.
  • When will I receive my chocolate?
    Once your friend has chosen their new Mars Drinks machine, we will fill both of your workplaces with delicious Mars chocolate!
  • How can I check the status of my referral?
    Checking on how your referral is getting on couldn’t be simpler, pop us an email on ukmarsdrinksmarket@effem.com and we’d be happy to update you personally.
  • Are there any restrictions?
    Unfortunately we are unable to accept referrals for existing Mars Customers. Read our full terms and conditions here.

*Read the Refer a Friend Terms & Conditions