Mars Drinks

How do you like your coffee?

We like ours green

We are on a mission to make our hot drinks machines lead the field in sustainability and in so doing help our customers to an ever more sustainable workplace.

KLIX Outlook, FLAVIA Creation 400Helping you reduce energy use

We continue to systematically reduce the energy consumption of our drinks machines. Independent trials have proven that FLAVIA CREATION 400 leads its field in energy savings, whilst every year new innovations enhance the already impressive energy profile of the KLIX OUTLOOK.

FLAVIA and KLIX energy consumption comparison

  • Creation 400 (in use)
  • Creation 400 (standby mode)
  • KLIX (in use)
  • KLIX (standby mode)

Helping you to help others

The Mars Drinks ‘Brighter Tomorrow at Origin programme works with farmers from selected co-operatives to help them improve the quality of their product and command a higher price for their yield.
We source our coffee directly from the co-operatives and have established mutual relationships with their communities and are actively involved in various environmental projects.

Rainforest AllianceRainforest Alliance

Additionally we work with the Rainforest Alliance to source coffee beans from certified farmers for our Colombia, Rich Roast and Smooth Roast freshground FLAVIA coffees. We have also gained Rainforest Alliance accreditation for FLAVIA English Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey Tea and Royal Blend Tea.
From business processes and drinks systems that empitomise efficiency, drinks that directly benefit those who provide the ingredients to a business ethic that respects all stakeholders, with Mars Drinks, you’re in good company.