We Create Great Tasting Moments at Work

We Create Great Tasting Moments at Work

At Mars Drinks, our customers are at the center of what we do.

We’re not just about coffee breaks or tea breaks. We’re about moments. Where we all need them most – at work.

A moment of genius.
A moment of inspiration.

A moment to recharge or reflect. Moments to connect to share thoughts and ideas.

We make life at work better.
By making those moments the best they can be.

We Create Great Tasting Moments at Work

At Mars Drinks, we create great tasting moments at work. It is our goal to support businesses who want to provide great working environments for their people. We focus 100% of our energy and resources on the workplace, with the belief that people are the most important asset to any business.

The drinks in your workplace may seem like a little thing. Yet, the five or ten-minute break that a perfectly-prepared drink provides is so important to so many people. The refreshing sip, the warm cup in hand – these are the moments we look forward to at work. These are the moments that keep people at work moving forward. These are the moments that connect us.

At Mars Drinks, We Create Great Tasting Moments at Work.

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KLIX provides the most reliable hot & cold drinks vending to your workplace.*


FLAVIA brewers are designed for the office – to be convenient, creating the highest quality, best-tasting hot drinks in the most efficient manner.


Whether you’re looking for the perfect cup of freshly brewed fresh ground coffee or a quick cup of your favourite instant coffee we can offer you a range that includes fine blends and origins as well as retail favourites.

ALTERRA® Coffee Roasters, Nescafe® Gold Blend®, Kenco®

Tea & Herbal Tea

There is a tea for every occasion and this is never more true than at work.  Whether you are looking for the familiar comfort of your everyday brew or something with a bit more zing like a Peppermint Herbal or a cup of Early Grey for those inspirational moments – we have a tea for everyone.

THE BRIGHT TEA CO.®, PG Tips®, Lipton® Lemon Tea

Chocolate & Indulgence

Sometimes you just need a moment out of the daily grind to relax or recharge, those little moments of self-indulgence make the day run smoother. Look for creamy hot chocolates or luxurious coffee specialities as a mid-afternoon pick me up.

FLAVIA Indulgence, GALAXY®, Chocamento®, Nescafe® Latte


Whether it’s warding off winter blues or adding a little more variety to that lunchtime break, KLIX vending machines should feature at least one ‘warmer’.


* We measure reliability as Mean Time Before Failure (i.e. the average time between the need for a technical callout). P4 April 2012 MAA (Moving Annual Average) for UK KLIX OUTLOOK Machines was 60 Weeks

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